Karen Wallis

After a successful Artist’s Residency in 2016 on the Ness of Brodgar archaeological dig, in Orkney, this has now become a new long-term project, in collaboration with the Ness Brodgar Trust, with residencies continuing annually for the next few years. The focus is on human activity – both the work of archeologists in the present and the traces of the Neolithic past.

2017 Artist's Residency dates are July 17 to August 25
with a parallel exhibition at The Orkney Museum, showing work from 2016, until the end of September
A blog on the a-n web site
continues to follow the progress and outcome of the residency

Run up event May - June 2017:
Fringe Arts Bath exhibition at FaB2, Walcot Stree, Bath
an installation featured the film and a range of prints for sale

Work to date:
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